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In this form you will be able to choose the health condition you would like to gently and gradually improve with our special mix of high quality organic dried herbal teas. The formulas are prepared from over 50 European herbs , and delivered to your doorstep in a
3 month supply container.

- The order will be shipped to the shipping address specified during checkout process.

- When you receive fresh organic tea, please use the following instructions to prepare it.

Intake Instructions:

  1. Add freshly mixed tea to hot water as you normally would
    • For adults or children over 6 years :
      - mix 1 tablespoon of tea with 1 glass of hot water.
    • For children under 6 years:
      - mix 1 teaspoon of tea with 1 glass of hot water
  2. Steep for under 5 minutes
  3. Drink 1/2 of glass of the tea twice a day to the total of 1 full glass a day.
    Hot, Warm or Cold

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